Lanthanide Sparkles are fully implemented in MOPAC2012

MOPAC2012 is now available, free for academics, from

If you qualify for Academic not-for-profit use request a password and download.

Normally, it takes about three days for the password to be sent to you by e-mail.

Install MOPAC2012 - installation instructions can be found here.

MOPAC2012 is a software released by Prof. James J. P. Stewart from Stewart Computational Chemistry of Colorado Springs, CO, and represents a recent version of the MOPAC series of molecular modeling softwares, which started in 1981.

MOPAC2012 has Lanthanide Complexes Sparkle/AM1, Sparkle/PM3, and Sparkle/PM6 fully implemented.

In order to be acquainted with the software, users are encouraged to read the MOPAC2012 manual at

As the MOPAC2012 manual says:

“MOPAC is written with the non-theoretician in mind. While MOPAC calls upon many concepts in quantum theory and thermodynamics and uses some fairly advanced mathematics, the users need not be familiar with these specialized topics.”